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5 Tips For A Stronger Websiteq

5 tips for a stronger website

Ever wondered why some people have an aesthetically pleasing website?

Here are some tips to create a more visibly appealing site:

✔️ Utilise white space. Negative space is key. Allows visitors to absorb and understand your content.

✔️ Use your brand thoughtfully. Infuse throughout.

✔️ Use professional-looking photos or stock photos. It communicates the quality behind your business.

✔️ Create user-friendly menus. Make the site map navigation easy to use so visitors can access the content they are seeking quickly and easily.

✔️ Proofread and test. Review your design thoroughly. Check all grammar and links are working as they should.

If you stick to these 5 fundamentals, your website will appear stronger and more accessible to your users.

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