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Thinking Woman's Digital Coach

We were delighted to work with Rosie on building and editing her existing website. Rosie’s website was built using Elementor and WordPress. We were happy to edit the existing site that Rosie had as all the information was there and it was fairly user-friendly. It just needed tweaking. We helped her structure the website so that it was easy to navigate, easy to read, with a simplified menu that was self-explanatory. Making the homepage look inviting and more image driven was a key aspect to the amendments. Creating more links to internal pages was a major requirement too. Google loves internal links. It loves links to external sources as well so we tried to incorporate as much of that as possible. Setting up the courses to be sold online was a big part of the website for Rosie. She offers extensive training in the tech world.  Being able to pay using PayPal was also a crucial part of the functionality of the site too. 

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