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websites made easy

I realised that women in business work hard. So hard that they don’t have time to work on a website.

They’ve already done the DIY site, and it’s OK, but it’s not quite right and definitely doesn’t look anything like their brand or reflect the quality of work they can deliver.

Instead of saying “hey, I can build a website for you, but you have to give me everything upfront”, and wait months for you to get everything together, I created the Hashtag Programme.

hashtag programme

The Hashtag Programme helps you build a website with small and simple steps.

Each week I will ask you to provide small pieces of information or content, so that you never feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the website building task.

We work together in a pain free and flexible way to create a highly performing, awesome website that fits you, your brand, and your business needs.

You will be obsessed with your new website and be proud to show it off to everyone!

do i need the hashtag programme?

If your website currently doesn’t;

  • Add value to your business
  • Tell your customers exactly what you do
  • Allow your customers to book online
  • Allow your customers to buy your products
  • Work on a mobile phone
  • Represent you and your business
  • Look and feel like your brand

Then it’s time to renew, refresh, and re-energise.

I’m In!

it all sounds great so far, but how does the programme actually work?

how it works


Let’s get to know each other

What we will discuss:

✔ Your commitment
✔ Which programme suits you
✔ The process step by step
✔ Deadlines
✔ Payment expectations


Holding you accountable

What you will do:

✔ Receive weekly emails
✔ Open communication
✔ Zoom calls for check ins
✔ Simple, bitesize tasks
✔ Easy submission of info


The launch of your website

What will happen:

✔ Website thoroughly checked
✔ Hosting and email setup
✔ Design transfer to hosting
✔ SSL Certificate connection
✔ Go-Live announcement!

what do i get on the programme?

A fully functional, mobile friendly website, to include:

  • A custom designed website
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Plugins (non-premium)
  • Up to 5 Images from Adobe Stock
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Contact Forms
  • Download functions
  • Simple weekly bitesize checklist – up to 2 hours work a week
  • Information guides


  • Your website is a bespoke build so it does what you want it to do e.g. sell a product, promote consultations, provide information
  • You will understand what your website does and how it functions – you are completely in control
  • You will be able to update your website as and when you need to

what are the different programmes?

“CURIOUS” 12-week programme
For the businesswoman who has the time to build her website over 3 months. She will have a flexible working life, time to spend on the crafting of the website content, and a clear goal.

“CREATIVE” 4-week programme
For the businesswoman who has limited time to build her website. It’s important, but not urgent. She will have a more structured working life, with an hour or two a week to spend on crafting her website.

“CONNECTED” 1-day programme

For the businesswoman who knows exactly what she needs, what she wants, and needs it yesterday! She will either have all the information she needs to build from scratch, or she needs a website upgrade/restyle.

Choose the right programme for you by booking a consultation with Jade today.

I know what I want!

what’s the difference between the programmes?

The only difference is the timescales. The content that we cover is identical.

During our consultation we will assess how much information you already have and at what stage your business is at.

The 12 week programme is ideal for businesses who are just starting out, or want to completely rebrand and start from scratch.

The 4 week programme is ideal for businesses who are upgrading their existing website and want to refocus, re-energise, and redo their current website.

The 1 day programme is intense. It’s for businesses who already know who they are and what they are doing, but need an upgrade, and quickly.

by going through the programme you will have a deeper understanding of your business and it will contribute towards the growth of your business

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