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Welcome to the NerdBird Blog! A place for Hashtag owner, Jade Thunder, to nerd-out about all things technology, culture, business, and science.

I have a passion for most things STEM-related and I wondered how I could talk about it with like-minded people, but avoid boring my family and friends… the solution was simple! Add a blog to Hashtag. I hope you enjoy reading the articles. I’m looking to expand the team so if you’re interested in writing for NerdBird, please get in touch!

Jade is a science nerd; a book lover; a dino enthusiast; a perpetual polymath; a star gazer; a soulful rebel; an emotion-centred realist; a tea addict; a chocolate devotee; an avid red wine taster; a love maker; a creative spirit; and unapologetically WILD.

Overloaded memory chips generate truly random numbers for encryption

Random numbers – a vital part of encryption – are hard for computers to generate, but a new trick turns…

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Don’t Look Up Nails the Frustration of Being a Scientist

Writer-director Adam McKay’s new Netflix film, about a comet headed for Earth, is an allegory for inaction during the climate…

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The World Needs to Crack Battery Recycling, Fast

The shift to electric vehicles is exciting, but it will leave us with thousands of tonnes of spent batteries. It’s…

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How mRNA is transforming the way we treat illnesses from flu to cancer

The mRNA technique used in covid-19 vaccines recruits our bodies to make their own medicines. That could revolutionise treatments for…

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