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Yellow Eve

#Client: Yellow Eve Ltd.

#Location: London

#Services: Website design and build, Managed E-commerce WordPress hosting, Retainer

#Platform: WordPress

#Timescale: 2 months

#Pages: 19

#Hosting: Hashtag Web Designs


Jade is the reason why Yellow Eve looks so fantastic and inviting! I’ve had a ridiculous amount of compliments on the site. I’ve relied on her fully to create a website that suits the brand design (which was always changing, along with many other needs!) and also delivers the complicated functionality of the membership. Nothing has been too difficult for her to manage and I’ve had complete faith in her at all times along the crazy journey of launching! Jade has become an extended team member for me which has been invaluable in the early stages of setting up a business! She cares a lot and continues to fully support me, she wants to make sure that I understand every aspect (no jargon!) and absolutely delivers to a deadline. Jade’s mix of creativity with practicality is ideal, she always has new ideas and “aha” moments that inspire you. With her friendly and relaxed approach, I knew I wanted to work with her from the off-set. I frequently recommend Jade to anyone that needs a website designer!

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