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Why It’s Important To Optimise Your Images (Part 1)

Why it’s important to optimise your images (part 1)

Let’s Make Your Website Fly with Image Optimisation!

Ever heard someone say “optimise your images” and your eyes glaze over? Don’t worry, that tech jargon can be confusing even for the best of us.

But here’s the truth: it’s like getting your wardrobe in order! Just like you wouldn’t wear a bulky sweater in summer, you wouldn’t want your website weighed down by giant images.

Optimising your images is about making them work for you, not against you. It’s all about creating a smooth, speedy experience for your website visitors, like serving them perfectly brewed tea instead of a lukewarm cup. ☕️

Here’s why it matters:

1. Free Up Space: Think of your website like a cute apartment. You don’t want giant picture frames hogging all the storage, right? Huge images eat up space on your server, making your website sluggish. Optimise them, et voila! More space for amazing content and happy visitors.

2. SEO Magic: Remember Google? Turns out, they love fast websites! The faster your site loads, the higher it ranks in search results. Optimising your images is like SEO rocket fuel, propelling you to the top of the virtual charts.

3. Speed Demon Website: No one likes waiting for a website to load, especially in the age of instant gratification. Big, unoptimised images slow things down, making visitors tap that “back” button faster than you can say “slowpoke!” Optimise those babies, and your website will fly like a hummingbird.

4. Happy Visitors, Happy You: Imagine waiting for an online order to process… forever. Not fun, right? The same goes for website loading times. Frustrated visitors leave quickly, meaning fewer sales, comments, or whatever makes your digital dreams come true. Optimised images = happy visitors = success!

Bonus Tip: Go on a cleaning spree! Delete unused images from your media library. You’ll be surprised how much space you reclaim for all the awesome things you’re creating.

So there you have it! Image optimisation might sound technical, but it’s all about making your website a haven for happy visitors. Now go forth and conquer the digital world with your optimised awesomeness!

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