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WordPress plugins I install on every website

As a WordPress website designer you tend to have a set amount of plugins you install on a website when you’re starting a build.

Here are my top 5 plugins that I’ll always install on a website.


Contact Form 7
Downloads: 5+ million

Ninja Forms
Downloads: 1+ million

I used to always use Contact Form 7, but recently I’ve found that Ninja Forms is better suited to my needs. Either way, they are both great plugins to use to create a form. CF7 requires some knowledge of coding (there is a help section to guide you), and NF is a drag-and-drop builder. The premium version is something I’d highly recommend.

CF7 Link:

NF Link:


Duplicate Page
Downloads: 2+ million

This is something that’s super useful when building a website – it duplicates pages, posts and a whole host of other things. Sometimes, I like to keep the layout consistent throughout the site I’m building, so duplicating a page is helpful for this. Duplicating posts is also great as it reminds me what I need to fill in e.g. tags and categories.



Classic Editor
Downloads: 5+ million

If you’ve been designing for a while, you’ll find that you get used to designing in a certain way. When the Gutenberg editor was introduced I wasn’t too keen on it, so this allows me to switch back to the original ‘classic editor’.



Classic Widgets
Downloads: 1+ million

Like the classic editor plugin, the classic widgets plugin does the same thing. I find that I can’t use the new version of widgets. I do keep going back and trying to learn, but it’s just not as easy or flexible as it was before. If it ain’t broke…



Health Check & Troubleshooting
Downloads: 300K+

This is great to know how your site is running. I also use a website called GT Metrix which gives me a more in-depth understanding as to how a website is running. This plugin allows me to see quickly if there are any problems that need resolving.


I hope they are of some use to you.

Let me know what you favourite plugins are and what they do. I’m always searching for new and helpful tools on WordPress.


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